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Welcome to Holocraft, we started as a survival Minecraft server has now grown into a network with multiple game modes setup. Our goal is to create the best Minecraft network where all our players can enjoy the game experience, meet new friends and create precious memories.


Our network have multiple servers with different game modes that let player to switch between server with just a simple chat command to interact with our server's npc. We are also planned to expanding our network and adding more game modes!


Survival Multiplayer (SMP)

The survival Minecraft experience you are familiar, but playing with 100+ active players, plus custom dungeons and item to explores!


Holocraft Skyblock

Building on your own floating island and enjoy the achievement with your progression, or team up and build mega island with your friends!


Holocraft Bedwars

Bored for prolong hours of building? Hop onto bedwars server and enjoy the fun exciting game of bedwars in solo or team modes!


Holocraft KitPvP

Choose from a large variety of kits and fight in the FFA arena, this server runs in 1.8 version with the combat style you love!

*Players can easily switch between servers in game with /servers [name] command, or just talk to npc at /hub