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Holocraft has grown from a small survival server with less than 10 concurrent players to now daily with more than 1,500+ unique players log into our server, we often find ourselves shorthanded to handle this growing player base.

We could use your help. If you love like us, and wanted to make this one of the best server and create long lasting memories together, you can become part of our staff team.

Staff Role & Application


This role is about enforcing in game rules, making sure every player are following the rules of the server and playing fair like everyone else, and when needed, punish people who violate rules.

There’s multiple tier for this role, it usually starts from trial, then usually after a month or two we would decide if to promote your role, or revoke your role if we find that you are not the right person for us.

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This is one of the important role that help us to shape by writing interesting, helpful, or promotional blog post at

The goal is to attract more players via our blog, helping our players, and building an interesting Minecraft community that everyone wants to spend time at.

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This role helps develop the in game content, including planning and configuring plugins, and adding custom maps, for example creating new game modes or adding dungeons / mobs / items.

Requires experience with Minecraft server, know how to configure plugins, and know how NOT to messed up server for misconfigurations.

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Event Planer


Streamer / YouTuber


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