OBS Settings For Minecraft Recordings

This is a simple guide to provide a settings you can use on recording minecraft short clips, often used for record keeping purpose or just to use it as proof.

The point here is to keep the file size controlled, so that it would only take minimal time in uploading it. This is a 60 seconds recording with a size of 18Mb

If you have not install OBS yet, you should install it for your recording purpose, because it is simple yet give you full control over your video settings, download from https://obsproject.com/download

Initial Setup

You should have a profile setup solely for minecraft recording if you are also using it for other purpose, so you can quickly switch over different profile with different settings.

This is my OBS screen, noticed I have multiple profile with different settings.

Since this guide is not about tutorial on using OBS, if you are not sure how to set up everything as I’ve shown in my screen, a simple search on YouTube should give you the answer.

Settings for Ideal File Size

As mentioned earlier the point here is to have recordings in the file size we want and have as much quality as possible for that file size, because everyone have different internet speed.

Maybe 100Mb size for a minute long video is okay for you, but someone may want something much smaller.

This is why we use constant bit rate (CBR) in advanced settings, because it let you set the size for every second of the video.

8192kb = 1Mb, that means if you set 2500kbps (kb per second), then the size of a 60 seconds long video would be roughly about 18Mb.

Here’s the simple math, 2500kb for 60 seconds = 150000kb, divide that by 8192 you get roughly around 18Mb.

Now because you have limited the size of the video, you will not want to cramp too many video information into every second, this is why I also recommend using 720p and 30fps at video settings.

Make sure you select your minecraft source and transform it to fit the frame:

Then you are done, also make sure you mute your mic or desktop sound if you don’t plan to record that.

Replay Buffer Settings (Always Record)

If you have use Nvidia ShadowPlay before, this is basically the same thing, or you can understand it as dashcam for screen recordings.

What it does is when you enabled and start replay buffer, OBS will always be recording your minecraft, for the X seconds of time you set.

In case anything happen you can just press save and it will automatically save what happen in last X seconds. So no more worry about forget to hit record button. Here’s my settings:

In my settings, it will always give me last 5 minute of my gameplay when I press save

Replay buffer will use the same settings as your recordings, only thing is it won’t save data to your disk, but only in your RAM, that means if you have small RAM, make sure not to set the time too high, personally I think anywhere between 300 seconds to 1800 seconds is enough.

Make sure you press Start Replay Buffer to start using it!

Hotkeys Settings

Finally you should also set up hotkeys so you will not have to changing tab every now and then to press record or save replay. This is how I setup mine for Minecraft recording purpose, mainly just start/stop record, and a button to save replay.

Uploading Videos

If you need a simple and quick place to upload and share your recordings, try Streamable.com. Just drag and drop your video file onto it to upload and get a share URL, no registration needed.

That’s it, if you think I missed out anything please comment below to let me know!

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