Reducing Lag (Ping Latency) In Minecraft With VPNs

If you are Holocraft player from Malaysia you’ve probably noticed there’s a spike of ping that causes latency issue every night around 8PM~11PM since 7th May, however this has been proven it’s not the issue from our server rather than the issue from your internet provider. (More specifically, TM net 😀 )

Let’s take a look at these chart compare the network latency from 2 different internet provider in Malaysia to our network. (TM net vs Time Fibre)

TM net
Time Fibre

Notice the chart scale, TM net have been having consistent spike everyday and during the spike it can go up to 400~500ms, but take a look at Time Fibre, consistently at 7ms! If you have the option, maybe consider changing your internet provider 😛

If not, we will take a look how we can use VPN / Game booster (Basically VPN) to help us reduce the latency issues.

Using VPN to reduce latency issues

I have suspected the issue are more likely to cause by a certain cable failure rather than whole network issue, because it only happen on some specific website / server the lag happens, so I decided to try out VPN, which connect to another server then connect to Holocraft.

Turns out my suspicion to be correct, it is indeed an isolated issues:

Without VPN (TM net)
With VPN A
With VPN B

I tested a few paid and free VPNs out there, and if you choose VPN provider with their servers located near SEA region, you should able to see improvement on the ping. (Unless the VPN use the same server that are effected, lol.)

Free VPN Tested: (They have trial, and you can reset by reinstall, around 70~100ms ping to Holocraft)

Paid VPN Tested: (Around $5/month, get me around 40~60ms with their SG servers) (Around $9/month, also around 40~60ms with SG servers)

Basically any reputable VPN brand like expressvpn, nordvpn, surfshark should have wide selection of servers in SEA region that can help you reduce the latency.

*I’m not advertising for these VPN, nor using any affiliate links, if you don’t like it you can use whichever you prefer.

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