Sponsor & Advertise With Holocraft

Holocraft has officially became one of the most popular server in SEA region, most of our player base are coming from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Indonesia and many many more!

Our carefully planned marketing plan have help us to grow from a small server to now with more than 2,000 unique IPs join every single day!

However, running the server can be costly in both monetary and time, that’s why we are looking for business and brands that are willing to become our server sponsors to enable us to grow this server.

Benefits of Sponsoring Our Server

The best value we can offer to our sponsor is that we will make sure every player learn about your brand, and let them know you are the one that make this server possible.

With more than 2,000+ unique IPs joining our server everyday, your brand / business will be getting the exposure and attention from these players.

Our players are mostly ranging from students to young working class, getting the future generation to know your brand means you are investing in getting potential customers with good lifetime value too.

How Do We Advertise Your Brand / Business?

As of now we will list all our sponsors in our server main hub area, plus we would also run daily scheduled text advertisement that are naturally embed in player’s chat box.

Your brand will also be mentioned on this website and also our community discord group with more than a thousand members.

Want to be our sponsor? Let’s talk!

If you are interested to become our sponsor, you can reach us via one of the channel below:

Discord: https://discord.gg/mufFutwcrH

Email: [email protected]

*We will not advertise for business that are illegal or inappropriate for our players.

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  1. Sponsored parties should have the absolute right to decide on the value of the sponsorship rights that they are offering and the appropriateness of the sponsor with whom they contract.


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