Vote Sites – Automated Voting Setup Guide

Many player discover Holocraft from Minecraft server listing websites, having a higher position on these listing website helps increase server exposure which lead to more player joining our server.

Voting is the easiest way to help our server grow and keeping it active, and by doing voting you will also get in game rewards, some rank in game also require vote counts to rankup.

Voting Site List

*Most of above site can be vote for every 24 hours, some are 12 hours.
**You can vote without being in game, rewards will be given even you’re not in game.

Setting Auto Vote With Chrome

Always forget to vote? Why not setup automated voting, so you make sure there’s no gap between your votes?

I’ll show you how to setup a simple chrome extension to help you automate voting

Step 1 – Let’s install the chrome extension.

Auto Vote Rating Extension –

You can also pin the chrome extension

Step 2 – Open the setting page and add vote sites

Right click on the extension and choose “Options”

Now you can add the vote site, this is an example of adding one

Automated Voting Setup Complete

This is how it should looks like when you go to the tab “Added”, I have setup all above voting site, and even though this is automated setup, sometimes if the website encounter captcha it will popup a notification to notify you to click the captcha then it will finish the vote.

Settings for All Voting Sites:

That’s all the voting site for now, if you feel like we should add any other voting sites, you can comment below 🙂

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